Student Testimonials

Austin Nedrow

"Margot’s abilities to reach within the deepest parts of an actor and encourage honestly, truth, and authenticity are unlike any acting teacher I have ever met. She takes an engaged and calm approach to her work and makes everybody, no matter their acting background, feel welcome to play and explore!”

Actor (USA)

Nicola Troschinetz

"To work with Margot Fenley is to become more connected to yourself: your heart, your mind and your body. I am able to activate my work from a place of authenticity and specificity because of Margot’s guidance."

Actor (USA)

Kiana Daniele

"With a plethora of knowledge and expertise, Margot fosters a creative and nurturing environment that allows you as an actor to play, explore and feel safe enough to face challenges. Margot's dedication, brilliant skillset and ongoing support has been truly instrumental in shaping me as an actor.”

Actor (Australia)

Kate Louissant

"Taking class with Margot Fenley is a transformative experience that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in experimenting with physical theatre, especially folks of color! She facilitates a space that is impressively creative, technically sound, and, most importantly- devoted to accessibility and DEI practices. You will fall in love with the process of theatre-making in no time!”

Actor (USA)

Tomáš Kantor

"Margot provided me with invaluable tools, techniques and perspectives at a formative point in my acting study, which I still employ in my process as a working actor now. She works very personally with her actors, and cares deeply about text and craft. She is concise and clear in communicating complex ideas, and has wisdom for students at any point of their acting journey, from complete beginners (as I was when I started with Margot) to experienced industry professionals. Whatever the stage of your acting journey, I highly recommend working with Margot if you get the chance."

Actor (Australia)

Henny Walters

"Classes with Margot are accessible and encouraging of brave work. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, or stiff commitment to outdated theories, content is adaptable and open to growth. The environment she cultivates allows for play, experimentation and failure, which is essential and refreshing."

Actor (Australia)

Phoebe Panaretos

"Margot is not just a teacher she’s a mentor, friend and truthful voice that has guided me throughout my career thus far. She’s the only teacher I’ve had with me since the beginning of my acting training and I believe that’s because she herself is always evolving as an artist and facilitator. In my humble opinion there is no better way to hold a space, always open to discovery and growth. I believe all of Margot’s students hold this openness at their centre and it is that playfulness and sense of freedom that guide us all to fulfilling and challenging work."

Actor (Australia/UK)

Abu Kebe

"Margot has the ability to create a space where artistic freedom has room to grow. It’s honestly like taking a class where you not only understand the prospects of working with people but also appreciate what you, as an individual, can bring into a creative space - Come as you are.”

Actor (Australia)