Directing Reviews And Testimonials

Alana Tranter

"I had the privilege of collaborating with Margot on our company’s production of David Williamson’s ‘Third World Blues.’ Working as both co-producer and actor, I can confidently say that Margot’s unwavering support and expertise created an environment that allowed me to thrive in both roles. Her guidance and leadership were integral to the success of the production and her ability to navigate the intricacies of the play while fostering a sense of safety and trust among the entire team is a testament to her exceptional talent as a director. Given the opportunity, I would choose to work with Margot on every future production as her dedication and artistry are truly unmatched."


Kikki Temple

"Margot has amazing sight when looking at a piece of work she is directing. A truly amazing practitioner of her craft that I recognise is hard to come by, but am very pleased that I have."


Kikki Temple

"Margot Fenley has the ability to see details and intricacies in the text that truly brings the characters to life even beyond what the playwright provided. I have had the privilege of working with her as an actor and a playwright and have truly felt a safety I’ve never had with anyone else. Safe to explore deeper into scary subject matter, knowing she has the ability and the practices to be able to teach me how to come out of that deep safely."


Orlando – Stage Whispers Review

“A perfect interpretation… simply divine."

Orlando @ Fourtyfivedownstairs. Reviewed by Patricia Di Risio , Stage Whispers.

Orlando – J-Wire Review

"...a stimulating, blended, artistic creation… for an original work borne of oppression, prejudice and shame, co-directors Maude Davey and Margot Fenley oversee a profound and challenging production."

Orlando @ Fourtyfivedownstairs. Reviewed by Alex First, J-Wire

Orlando – Australian Arts Review

"The heightened tension is luxuriously ebbed and flowed, with Fenley keeping the audience on the edge of their seats, as Orlando’s life meticulously unfolds before them."

Orlando @ Fourtyfivedownstairs. Reviewed by Gavin Roach, Australian Arts Review

Orlando Review – Theatre First

“Director Margot Fenley crafts exquisite tableaux throughout and navigates the changing tones with ease. There’s foreboding at the start, but sometimes the show is hilarious, occasionally moving and in moments, just gorgeous.”

Orlando @ Fourtyfivedownstairs. Reviewed by Keith Gow, Theatre First.

Orlando Review – My Melbourne Arts

“Margot Fenley and Maude Davey display an unerring eye as co-directors in allowing the cast of five - Marty Alix, Louie Dalzell, Manali Datar, Kikki Temple and Sizer - to have their individual talents and skills be acknowledged but ensuring that all the Orlandos are coming from the one mind.”

Orlando @ Fourtyfivedownstairs. Reviewed by Myron My, My Melbourne Arts.